SUM ATM Network

SUM ATM Network

SUM is a convenient and easy way to avoid surcharge fees.  Cardholders of financial institutions who have joined the SUM Program can withdraw funds from designated ATMs belonging to other SUM Program members, without a surcharge fee.  Just look for other ATMs with the bright red SUM logo.  You can then be sure that you won’t incur a surcharge for accessing your cash.

To find a SUM ATM near you, go to

In the Elizabethtown area, Kentucky Neighborhood Bank and Republic Bank are currently participating in the SUM Program.


  • What is a surcharge fee?  Is it different from an ATM service fee?
    • Some financial institutions charge a “service fee” to their cardholders when you use an ATM that is owned by another bank.  This is different from a surcharge fee, which is charged by the ATM owner and appears on your receipt.

Example – if you were to go to ABC Bank and withdraw cash, you will pay ABC Bank's surcharge fee and the $1.50 service fee from KNB.  If you use a SUM ATM machine, you will only pay the $1.50 service fee from KNB.

  • Do I need a special SUM ATM card?
    • No, you simply need your KNB debit/ATM card.
  • How many SUM ATMs are there?
    • There are thousands of ATMs participating in the SUM Program and new ATMs are being added every month.
  • Are there SUM ATMs outside the United States?
    • Currently, SUM ATMs are located in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Is there a Mobile app available?
    • Yes, enter “SUM ATM locator” at your favorite mobile app store and download the app for FREE.  Available for iPhone and Android.

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