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E-Statements Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in electronic account statements from Kentucky Neighborhood Bank. This service is available to you at no cost and will allow you to view your current and past account statements on a secure website. As part of the registration process, please read the following Consent and Authorization Disclosure and indicate your acceptance at the bottom.

Consent and Authorization for Electronic Transmission of Account Statements, Disclosures and Notices

In this Consent and Authorization, the words “I,” “Me,” and “My” mean each person who accepts these terms and conditions. The word “Account” means the Login or User ID that was entered in order to access this Consent and Authorization. The words “Account Number” mean any and all accounts held at Kentucky Neighborhood Bank under the Account, including but not limited to account numbers held under a suffix number, such as checking, savings, individual retirement, money market, certificates of deposit and loan accounts.

I understand that pursuant to My account and/or loan agreements with Kentucky Neighborhood Bank, I may be entitled to receive periodic account statements, disclosures, and notices in connection with My Account, such as savings account statements, loan statements, or certificate of deposits renewal notices. By indicating my acceptance of these terms and conditions, I authorize Kentucky Neighborhood Bank to discontinue mailing Me paper documents as listed below for My Account and to deliver such items to me electronically (“E-Statements”). I understand and agree that Kentucky Neighborhood Bank will send Me an e-mail on an ongoing basis to My e-mail address, as indicated below, notifying Me that My E-Statement account statement(s), disclosure(s), or notice(s) are ready to be viewed on the Financial Institution website. I understand and agree that I will no longer receive paper copies of My periodic account statements, disclosures and notices.

I further understand and agree that:

1. Statements, Disclosures, Notices – I agree to receive documents electronically such as Privacy Notices, Account Disclosures, Account Statements, Change in Term Notices, Error Resolution Rights Notices, Notice of Holds, Notices of Non-payment, as well as any other account specific disclosures or notices as covered under Regulations B, E, Z, CC, DD and UCC or other regulatory authority.

2. Authorized Signer - I am the authorized signer [primary account holder] of the Accounts being accessed. My electronic signature executed in conjunction with this Consent and Authorization and any electronic transaction on this Account shall be legally binding on all owners on the account, including myself. Therefore, any transaction performed pursuant to this Consent and Authorization transaction shall be considered authorized by Me.

3. Joint Accounts - If any Account Number specified within this Consent and Authorization is a joint account, I acknowledge that I am the primary account holder of the joint account and that My consent and authorization has been authorized by each of the joint accountholders. All joint account holders owners on the account are legally bound by the terms and conditions of this Consent and Authorization.

4. Delivery Process - I understand Kentucky Neighborhood Bank will send me an e-mail notifying me that my statement(s) are ready to be viewed. In order for Kentucky Neighborhood Bank to notify me of my E-Statement delivery, I agree to maintain a valid, active e-mail address. It is my responsibility to inform Kentucky Neighborhood Bank of any changes in my e-mail address by contacting them at 270-737-6000 or in person at any of their branch locations. I may cancel this authorization at any time upon written request. Kentucky Neighborhood Bank will resume mailing future periodic statements. I will no longer have access to my statements online. Kentucky Neighborhood Bank is not liable for any third party-incurred fees, other legal liability, or any other issues or liabilities arising from E-Statements or notifications sent to an invalid or inactive e-mail address or postal address that I have provided.

5. Consent Withdrawal - My ongoing consent to receive subsequent account statements, disclosures, and notices electronically is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time. I may withdraw consent at any time in writing, by telephone, or by sending Kentucky Neighborhood Bank an e-mail at estatements@bankknb.com. Subject to Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s confirmation of My request, such withdrawal shall become effective no later than fifteen (15) days after receipt by Kentucky Neighborhood Bank. Upon termination, I understand and agree that I will no longer have access to My account statements, disclosures, and notices online and that I will receive all account statements, disclosures, and notices by mail subject to any fees as set forth in Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s Rate and Fees Schedule.

6. Minimum System Requirements - To receive and review disclosures electronically, and to view, download, and print E-Statements, you will need Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher. For Macintosh users, we suggest Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in the browser options. You may click here (Sample PDF Document) to verify your ability to view PDF documents. To obtain any of these programs, click on the following links:




In addition, I have and will maintain a printer capable of printing any E-Statements, disclosures, and notices that are made available on Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s E-Statement website. In the alternative, I will maintain the ability to electronically save and visually display on My computer screen any E-Statements, disclosures, and notices that are made available on Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s website. I understand that Kentucky Neighborhood Bank recommends that I retain or print a copy of any E-Statement, disclosure, notice and this Consent and Authorization for My records.

7. Paper Copy Request - I may also request a paper copy of any periodic regular account statement. A fee may be charged for paper copies, subject to the fee as set forth in Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s Rate and Fees Schedule.

8. Terms and Conditions Changes - I understand and agree that Kentucky Neighborhood Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Consent and Authorization. Kentucky Neighborhood Bank will notify Me before the effective date of any change. This means Kentucky Neighborhood Bank will mail Me notice using the United States Post Office at the address Kentucky Neighborhood Bank currently has on file. Accessing E-Statements after I receive any notice of change will constitute My agreement to such change(s). Kentucky Neighborhood Bank reserves the right to discontinue the E-Statements program at any time.

Security Procedures: I understand that I cannot sign up for the E-Statements program and cannot access My regular account statements without first signing up for and obtaining an Internet Banking Access ID and Password. I AGREE THAT USE OF THIS ACCESS ID AND PASSWORD TO SIGN UP FOR THE E-STATEMENTS PROGRAM AND TO ACCESS MY ACCOUNT STATEMENTS CONSTITUTES A REASONABLE SECURITY PROCEDURE. I further understand if I disclose My Access ID or Password to anyone that may allow them to access my regular account(s), and I assume responsibility for any transactions involved. I agree to notify Kentucky Neighborhood Bank immediately if I believe any of My accounts have been accessed or an Access ID or Password has been used without My permission. The terms and conditions in this Consent and Authorization only apply to the E-Statements program. Provisions in other Kentucky Neighborhood Bank agreements and disclosures, including but not limited to Kentucky Neighborhood Bank’s Account Disclosure and in any and all loan agreements and disclosures, may be revised from time to time and remain effective for all other aspects of the accounts involved. I am an authorized signer on this account.

After reading the above terms and conditions, I agree to the terms and conditions of this Consent and Authorization as described above.


You will be notified by e-mail when new documents are available for viewing. If the email address on file is not current, please contact Kentucky Neighborhood Bank at 270-737-6000 during normal business hours before proceeding with this acceptance.