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From day one, KNB's mission has been to "help others be successful in reaching their goals". Part of that mission is making sure our customers have the information that they need to make informed financial decisions.


One important aspect of every household is the budget. Budgeting is essential as it helps to plan for not only every day expenses, but emergencies as well. Keep track of where your money is going, and how that contributes to your long-term financial goals. Here is a spreadsheet to help you get started.

Monthly Budget Planner Worksheet                                Printer Friendly Version

Overdraft Services

Mistakes and emergencies happen, and KNB is pleased to offer options on how to handle an overdraft on your account.

Peace of mind is what you'll get with Overdraft Protection. You can request an eligible KNB account to be linked to your checking to prevent an overdraft. We will transfer funds from one account to another when necessary to cover items that could have potentially caused an overdraft.

KNB additionally offers our overdraft program now called Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS). Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS) is not a line of credit. This $500 Occasional Overdraft Privilege is available for checks and ACH transactions on eligible accounts. Payment of overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions will only be extended if you authorize us to pay overdrafts on these transactions by “opting in” to payment of ATM and everyday debit card transactions. You may opt-out of this service at anytime.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to take advantage of these services.

Computer Security

Protecting your personal and business computer is a very important part of protecting your personal information.  Unfortunately, it is also an area that people don't take seriously until after their computer has been infected with viruses or malicious software.  There are some simple steps that you can take to help keep your computer secure.

Ten Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Other Links

Here are some helpful links with information about identity protection, money management, and other everyday tips.

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