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Fast, secure, & convenient.

Visa Debit Cards are available on most KNB checking accounts and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Don’t wait for a check to clear - use your KNB debit card to quickly make your everyday purchases, pay bills, or withdraw cash!

Call 1-800-500-1044 to report a lost or stolen debit card.

Reduce Debit Card Fraud

We are dedicated to providing you the most advanced service to help reduce debit card fraud. Our fraud monitoring system can detect transactions outside your normal spending pattern, block transactions from known fraudulent merchants and help reduce customer risk. If we determine you may have fraudulent activity on your account we will notify you by phone immediately. We will never ask for your debit card number by phone. We will simply verify general pieces of information and then provide you with details about the transaction. Our fraud monitoring system has enabled customers to use their Visa Debit Card with peace of mind knowing that KNB is doing their part to help reduce debit card fraud.

All KNB debit cards are set up with daily limits to reduce your potential risk for fraud. Our standard limits are $1,000 for Point of Sale purchases and $200 for ATM withdrawals. If you need to make a large purchase, please contact us at (270) 737-6000 and we may be able to temporarily raise these limits to accommodate your request.


Please notify us prior to traveling so we may note your account accordingly to avoid a lapse in debit card use availability. Contact our Debit Card Department at (270) 737-6000.

In an effort to better protect our customers from debit card fraud, the following countries have been blocked from debit card use. These changes are due to rapidly increasing international debit card fraud.

Antigua & Barbuda Ghana Lithuania Russia Thailand
Azerbaijan Gibraltar Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Turkey
Brazil India Malaysia Singapore Ukraine
China Indonesia Morocco South Africa United Arab Emirates
Cuba Iran Nigeria Spain United Kingdom
Cyprus Ireland Pakistan Sri Lanka Vietnam
Czech Republic Korea Panama Sudan  
El Salvador Latvia Poland Syria  
Estonia Libya Romania Taiwan  

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